53 DNS

zone transfer: dig axfr @IP domain.com

now do the other host:

dig axfr @IP friendzoneportal.red >> zonetransfer

cat zonetransfer| grep friendzone | grep IN | awk '{print $1}'| sed 's/\.$//g'|sort -u 

Command Explanation:

  • we are grepping the lines with the keywords "friendzone and IN"

  • awk is just printing up until the first space

  • sed 's/\.$//g' is replacing the ending period with nothing inside // has nothing. you place the first value in side the first "//" of what you want to replace and put something in the second one that you want to replace it with.

  • Syntax: sed 's/value1/value2/g'

now we've got more hosts

Now use aquatone to see which hosts have actual content in a timely manner.

To use aquatone, you need to place the text file inside the same directory ---- /opt/aquatone

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